This week I read an article online with a headline declaring, “Web design is dead.”

This news was yet another in a long string of industry obituaries I’ve seen over the course of my 34-year career. In that time I’ve read that print is dead. Newspaper is dead. Radio is dead. Television is dead. Direct mail is dead. Email Marketing is dead. Logo design is dead. Advertising is dead. All of them. Dead. Dead. Dead.

By now, I should have a much thicker skin than I do when reading grand pronouncements like these. I don’t know about you, but each time I see one of these death notices, I feel personally and professionally de-valued. I feel like all the prosperity that my business and our industry have created over many decades has been de-valued by some “expert” casually filling in the blank of the same, tired old headline: “ ________ is dead.”

Regardless of their credentials, I never have a good feeling about being viewed as a dying commodity, and it always causes me to think long and hard about what it is we’re really doing, and why.

The fact of the matter is this: Times change. Methods and mediums change, and every shiny new toy will get old. This is why we are not, and have never been, in the business of producing the Deliverable du Jour. We are in the business of Ideas.

Our best relationships have always been with customers who are facing dynamic change, and need to innovate. As stewards of their marketing investments, we help them increase their market value by helping them get their strategy and their message right first. Then we integrate the best, and most appropriate resources to deliver it.

The day some marketing pundit is able to declare “Fresh thinking is dead” is a day I truly hope to never see. How about you?