Where’s the Big Idea?


In this brave new world of integrated, inbound-outbound marketing, something important is getting lost: It’s the Big Idea.

Our industry is fond of saying, “Content is king.” Yet most content is crap. Unoriginal. Uninspired. Formulaic. Spew. Content farms are thriving on their manure, while the agency world is looking to get into everyone’s business except their own.

It’s time for real creative people and real agencies to get back to what built their businesses, and their clients businesses, in the first place: Big Ideas.

If we don’t, then something else important will be lost: Us.

The Big Idea is not in the interlacing of online, on-air and on-paper content ecosystems, or in measuring and optimizing it all in real time.

No amount of media integration and analytics will make a crummy idea succeed.

So where do we find this Big Idea?

I’ve always found that it’s waiting to be discovered at the epicenter of the client’s brand. It’s in their core promise. Helping a customer uncover, understand, and clarify their brand is where we always begin.

We always start there, because it’s where the Big Ideas are always hiding. And always have been.